You'd be amazed to learn how many people live on Long Island and don't's an island! We are surrounded on all sides by water and some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in all the world! Between the ocean and Long Island's South Shore are salt water bays teeming with beauty and life, both above and below the waterline. So many people run nonstop, day in and day out, and don't realize or appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. Freeport Kayak Rentals aims to help people get out on the water to appreciate how beautiful Long Island truly is.

At FKR, we give our customers a chance to escape the stress of everyday life, relax, and experience something so very beautiful and precious. By paddling one of our sit-on-top kayaks, you get a chance to explore the calm bays of Long Island. Launching from Waterfront Park, in the Village of Freeport, New York, you'll make your way into Baldwin Bay and the many canals and creeks in the area.

You'll see at least a dozen different species of birds flying about, running along the beaches and diving into the water. Look for Great Egrets standing motionless at the water's edge, the Osprey flying overhead with a fish in it's grasp, and the odd-looking, carrot-nosed Oyster Catcher poking around on shore.

Under the water you'll see small bait fish dart about, an occasional clear (non-stinging!) jellyfish bobbing along, and so many crustaceans crawling along the sandy bottom -like hermit crabs, blue claw crabs and periwinkle sea snails. Be on the lookout for white clam shells with purple streaks on the inside. Ground down into beads, these purple and white Quahog shells have been used by Native Americans for centuries as 'wampum,' their currency.

I encourage you to come down and paddle for a few hours--or the whole day--and remind yourself of the beauty that makes Long Island so very special.

We're open Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Come paddle! And be sure to ask about our Group Discounts, Guided Group Tours...and Office Parties!

Come "Sea" us this summer!
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