It was awesome! ~ Carly S.

Put this on the
must do list. Very enjoyable!
~ Karen

Had a great experience. Owner was professional, friendly, very accommodating.
Can't wait to do it again. ~ Ronnie

Had a great day. I will definitely be back for another paddleboarding experience. ~ Susan R.

Great place! ~ Melissa W.

Great morning on the water! Accommodating, kind and safety informative! ~ Darla

Jerry was nice, great experience. Everyone should try paddleboarding at least once! ~ Jared J.

The owner and his team had the great idea of renting kayaks and paddleboards in Freeport, NY for both beginner and experienced riders. By making this dream a reality, it seems he has give an opportunity to many to enjoy a day on the water (using zero fossil fuels!). I rented a paddleboard from FKR and really liked it although I had never tried one before. I had my first lesson on how to use the equipment from Jerry who then helps launch you into the calm waters of this area of the South Shore of Long Island. Randall Bay is named after one of the founders of the Village of Freeport and is dotted with little islands where abundant bird and aquatic life reside. You can see a lot while paddling around if you keep your eyes open. When you ride is over, the folks at FKR have even put together a map of the dining and shopping choices along the nearby Nautical Mile, famous for it's seafood. You will work up an appetite! FKR just invited customers to take a full moon kayak tonight - bummed I can't go! They also do group rentals as well as Boy Scouts Kayaking Merit Badge classes - that is how I heard of them. Needless to say, I am a repeat customer and can't wait until next year (Memorial Day through Labor Day) when they reopen again for fun water sports activities. Keep paddling!     ~Jennifer

Use bug spray and sunblock. There are a lot of bugs by the island.  ~ Mallerlyn

Lakesh was very helpful and informative. I was worried about getting lost and he explained the different ways we could go and the times it would take. He double checked that we didn't have anything that could get damaged from the water. We really enjoyed our kayaking and would do it again. ~ Sue R.

It was a fun and beautiful experience. Great upper body workout too. Jerry was very nice!!
~ Jessica M.

Great trip hosted by wonderful people  ~ John N.

Just have fun! ~ Virginia

Wear clothes that dry fast! Everything gets wet! ~ Mary

very nice! very professional! would definitely go through this company again! great experience!! ~ Stacy R.

Where old shoes and bring a towel! hahaha! Had a GREAT time. ~ Andrea D.

Come early so you get the full 2 hours. ~ Jennifer

Had a great time. Great setup, everything was really easy, and staff was friendly and helpful. Thanks! ~ Matt

Super friendly, helpful and thorough. ~ Joseph K.

Had so much fun! We went at 8am and it was the perfect time to go! Definitely want to do it again! ~ Charlotte T.

I had the best time ever. these guys run a terrific business and I have told all my friends about them. This was fantastic! The views of our waterways and water fowl were spectacular. They were so knowledgeable and kind. ~ Jill T.

Awesome experience! It was my first time kayaking, but never felt in danger or that I was gonna get hurt. I ll definitely go again..ohhh Be there early. ~ Jazmin A.

Amazing time weather was perfect the guide was awesome very relaxing and so much fun!!!!!!!
~ Elizabeth C.

An excellent and very positive upbeat host. ~ Eileen

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